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Tag: Union with Christ

Mike Reeves talks us through the benefits of union with Christ in the first of three video talks. 
Mike Reeves explains how union with Christ works in the second of three video talks. 
Mike Reeves draws out the doctrine of Union with Christ in the last of three video talks. 
Mike Reeves stands in for John Piper on Episode 383 of 'Ask Pastor John' from Desiring God, discussing the blessings of our oneness with Jesus.  
Tony Reinke outlines what he believes to be the heart of John Newton's pastoral care, theology, and letter writing. 
Natalie Brand looks at the subject of spirituality, drawing us to Jesus our supreme and sufficient Saviour.  
Dan Hames chats with Gerrit Scott Dawson about the ascension – what it is, why it matters, and how it changes everything about your life today. 
Clive Bowsher introduces us to the biblical idea of union with Christ as 'in-one-another relationship'.