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Tag: Trinity

Mike Reeves shows how the Trinity changes our lives in the seventh of nine short videos. 
Mike Reeves shows how the Trinity is the basis of the unity Christians share in the eighth of nine short videos. 
Mike Reeves shares his own story of finding joy in John 17 in the last of nine short videos. 
Nathan Fellingham and David Fellingham help us think about music, singing, worship, and the Trinity. 
Glen Scrivener introduces us to the God of the Bible in this short evangelistic video. 
William M. Schweitzer guides us through key elements of Jonathan Edwards' theology and shows how the the idea of divine harmony characterises his work at all times. 
Dan Hames explores passages in the Old Testament where the Son of God appears and asks why these are significant and how they can encourage us today. 
Glen Scrivener walks us through how Irenaeus and Athanasius saw creation and salvation as intimately related purposes of God. 
Mike Reeves shows how the doctrine of the Trinity was the essential soil for the development of the mainstream reformers' doctrine. 
Dan Hames chats with Gerrit Scott Dawson about the ascension – what it is, why it matters, and how it changes everything about your life today.