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Tag: The gospel

Mike Reeves gives us a 1 minute reflection on the Trinity and the gospel in the second of nine short videos. 
Simon Ponsonby explores evangelism: telling God's story in the gospel, and our own story as God has touched our own lives. 
Dane Ortlund introduces us to the great New England theologian, Jonathan Edwards. 
Michael Reeves preaches Luther's early sermon on Luke 18 which gets to the heart of his gospel discovery. 
Michael Reeves unpacks Luther's gospel discovery and shows how it changes lives even today. 
Ian Shaw considers why the Reformers are not known for their missionary activity, and asks how their approach can shape our ministry today. 
Dane Ortlund preaches Jonathan Edwards' sermon on 1 John 4:16: God is love. 
Mike Reeves asks whether heaven or eternal life or something else is the great offer of the gospel.