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Tag: Suffering

Martin Ayers gives advice, food for thought, and suggested further reading for helping those struggling with doubt. 
Richard Sibbes' masterpiece on Christ's care for weak Christians is a must-read. Not recommended for reading on screen, though! 
Greg Koukl is our guide to Augustine's approach to the problem of evil; a credible, satisfying, and hoped-filled solution to one of our biggest questions. 
Ron Frost introduces us to the 'heavenly' Richard Sibbes – a Puritan pastor whose work, 'The Bruised Reed', is a must-read for all. 
John Newton encourages a friend to draw near to Christ in the face of a relative's illness. 
Jonathan Edwards' 1783 sermon is a rousing exposition of 1 Corinthians 15:25–26 which speaks of Christ's reign over all evil. 
Mike Reeves shows how Jesus changes everything for the Christian in the last of four talks from Word Alive 2012. 
Hans Madueme explores the fall of humanity and the doctrine of original sin – challenging our underlying assumptions about reality. 
Ellis Potter introduces us to Buddhism through his past experience as a Buddhist monk, and contrasts it with his faith in the triune God of the Bible. 
Mike Reeves teaches worship leaders and pastors on the importance of preparing people to live, suffer, and die in the love of Christ.