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Tag: Studying Theology

B. B. Warfield teaches that Christian ministers must be both 'learned and religious' and explores the way in which students ought to approach their education, worship, and prayer. 
Dan Hames interviews Nathan Fellingham about study with Union, worship, and theology. 
Steffen Jenkins considers a distinctively evangelical approach to training for ministry and theological study.  
Steffen Jenkins enthuses us about the joy and richness of Old Testament study. 
Peter Sanlon considers what makes evangelical doctrine distinctive. 
Andrew Keuer examines how evangelicals approach the discipline of ethics. 
Peter Mead shows why preaching matters, examining three relationships: between the preacher and God, between the preacher and the listeners, and between the listers and God. 
Natalie Brand, Ros Clarke and Sarah Allen discuss why women should study theology, how it can help you grow and equip you to serve your local church, and answer practical questions on how to fit it around your everyday life.