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Tag: Spirituality

Dane Ortlund looks at Jonathan Edwards' view of Christian living – through the lens of 'calm'. 
Michael Spencer considers the rawness and beauty of the gospel, considering the weakness of our sinful flesh and the grace of God in Christ. 
Dane Ortlund uncovers a neglected theme in the theology of Jonathan Edwards: the holy, soul-calm available to Christians in the gospel and love of God. 
Jonathan Thomas was taught '3D ministry': declare, define, and defend. But he now believes we need a fourth dimension which will truly sustain and empower us. 
Michael Reeves introduces us to Charles Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers. 
Dan Hames looks at the common struggle to read the Bible and asks what needs to change in order to win. 
Andrew Keuer examines how evangelicals approach the discipline of ethics. 
Paul Blackham thinks about God's sovereignty by asking why good things happen to bad people – and arrives irresistibly at the cross. 
Michael Reeves, speaking at 2019's European Leadership Forum, makes the case for holding on to our evangelicalism. 
Joel Morris introduces us to the God who brings the greatest revolution this world has seen.