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Tag: Resurrection

Paul Blackham shows how the Christian hope of a renewed creation is unique, important, and deeply appealing. 
Paul Blackham looks at Romans 6 in the fourth of five talks on the cross. 
John Calvin's sermon on Matthew 28:1–10 examines Jesus' resurrection appearance and draws from it hope and comfort for us. 
Thomas Brooks' 1648 sermon on the last day cheers the spirit and sets our eyes on Christ's coming. 
Thomas Brooks writes to a friend who is close to death, comforting her with Christ's promises. 
Peter Williams looks at the evidence for Jesus' resurrection, highlighting aspects that should be better known. 
Simon Ponsonby explores the hope of the resurrection from 1 Corinthians 15. 
Adrian Warnock looks at the often neglected benefits of the resurrection of Jesus, and asks what it means that Christ is truly with us. 
Steffen Jenkins considers the nature of conversion from Esther 5.