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Tag: Reading

In writing an introduction to Athanasius' 'On the Incarnation, C. S. Lewis also penned a modern classic on the value of reading old books. 
John Bradford leads us meditatively through the day, with prayers and reflections. You will never think about life the same way again! 
J. R. R. Tolkien shows that the joy of a good story echoes the great story of the gospel in his fascinating treatise on fairy stories. 
Martin Luther gives his top tips on studying theology in this excerpt from his Works, vol. 4. 
Joel Beeke gives us expert advice on reading and enjoying the Puritans with some personal recommendations and  
Bob Letham shows how studying theology and the Bible are an inescapable part of being a Christian, necessary for leaders, and vital for the whole church. 
Ron Frost encourages us to make this the year we take up Bible reading in a way we'd never imagined before. 
Geoff Thomas introduces us to the life and work of the Puritan John Bunyan; his conversion, writing, imprisonment, and lasting impact.  
Dan Hames explains the point of reading about and learning from theologians of the past. 
Natalie Brand warns us away from laziness, discouragement, and wimpiness and recommends delving deep into gospel truth – whether you're a woman or a man.