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Tag: Preaching

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Mike Reeves looks at the inner workings of the preacher's heart, helping us avoid the trap of technically correct preaching that misses divine revelation for the preacher. 
Irenaeus of Lyon shows how the gospel is preached through the whole Bible. 
Glen Scrivener offers a theology of preaching: Christ must be proclaimed biblically. 
Michael Reeves consider the way the Reformation has influenced and changed the way the Church understands the task of preaching. 
Mike Reeves' introduction to a collection of Spurgeon's sermons on the person and work of Jesus Christ. 
Peter Mead examines the deep purpose preaching and biblical interpretation. 
Phil Hill helps us to think through the crucial elements of Christian ministry: leadership, pastoral care, and public worship. 
Glen Scrivener asks what is meant by repentance in the Bible and how it affects the way we preach the gospel. 
John Newton's advice to a young friend considering Christian ministry is as wise and useful today as in 1756.