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Tag: Pastoral care

Emma Scrivener explores how a local church can be a healing and healthy place for those who struggle – which is everybody present. 
Ray Ortlund, Michael Reeves, Dane Ortlund, and David Filson answer questions at Immanuel Nashville's Reformation 500 celebration. 
Robert Letham gives an overview of Calvin's teaching on love. 
Jonathan Thomas was taught '3D ministry': declare, define, and defend. But he now believes we need a fourth dimension which will truly sustain and empower us. 
This letter, part of the collection of writings known as the Apostolic Fathers, is an insight into one early Christian bishop's view of martyrdom.  
Peter Mead shows why preaching matters, examining three relationships: between the preacher and God, between the preacher and the listeners, and between the listers and God. 
Daniel Hames reminds us that the great theologians of the early church were first and foremost pastors who opened the Bible week-by-week to preach Christ to their flocks. 
Helen Thorne helps us understand how we can care for one another and explores pastoral care structures, evangelism and issues including domestic abuse. From our UST Ministry Summer School 2020. 
Paul Mallard helps us think through how to pastor people who are suffering. From our UST Ministry Summer School 2020.