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Tag: Missiology

Glen Scrivener explores how gospel worked before the Reformation and how it changed. From Delighted by God 2012. 
Glen Scrivener looks at 2 Corinthians 4 for insight into Paul's theology of mission and evangelism. 
David Miller looks at the theology of mission and provides a reading list for those wanting to dig deeper. This piece was updated in 2013. 
Mike Reeves speaks from John 20, showing how the Trinity makes a difference to mission 
Mike Reeves gives us a 1 minute reflection on the Trinity and the gospel in the second of nine short videos. 
Mike Reeves gets us thinking about how our God shapes our evangelism in the fifth of nine short videos. 
In the first of two papers, Glen Scrivener outlines a theology of mission, beginning with the being of God and moving to explore the content of our mission. 
In the second of two papers, Glen Scrivener examines the call and work of an evangelist – with some surprising conclusions. 
Graham Higson looks at the need for good theology for the sake of healthy mission.