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Tag: Martin Luther

Luther's oft-ignored but influential disputation against medieval scholastic theology. 
Martin Luther's utterly brilliant exposition of the first commandment from his Large Catechism. 
Mike Reeves refreshes us with the life and thought of the reformer Martin Luther. 
Graham Tomlin draws on Paul, Luther, and Pascal to show us just how revolutionary and liberating is the cross of Christ.  
Ron Frost looks at the upside-down gospel of Jesus in Luther's Theology of the Cross. From Delighted by God 2012. 
Ron Frost gives us a taster of Luther's 'The Freedom of the Christian'. From Delighted by God 2012. 
Ron Frost shows that being gripped by God is to embrace the radically upside-down nature of the gospel. 
Luther's important 1520 treatise on the Sacraments. 
Martin Luther's important 1520 treatise about authority in the Church. 
Martin Luther's 1520 treatise showcases his mature theology of justification in an exceptionally moving gospel presentation.