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Tag: Justification

John Calvin's exposition of Galatians 2:15–16 proclaims there is 'no salvation whatsoever outside of Jesus Christ, for he is the beginning and the end of faith, and he is all in all.' 
Martin Luther's autobiographical fragment from 1545 outlines the theological breakthrough which led to his gospel rediscovery and the Reformation. 
Ron Frost gives us a taster of Luther's 'The Freedom of the Christian'. From Delighted by God 2012. 
Martin Luther's 1520 explanation of the place of good works in the Christian life. 
Thomas Cranmer outlines the doctrine of justification in this extract from The King's Book, 1583. 
Martin Luther's 1520 treatise showcases his mature theology of justification in an exceptionally moving gospel presentation. 
John Bunyan's short book examines the only way to salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. 
Mike Reeves explains how the doctrine of justification liberates and brings joy to the Christian life in the first of four talks at Word Alive 2010. 
Mike Reeves explains how being united to Christ is at the heart of our status before the Father in the second of four talks at Word Alive 2010. 
Mike Reeves looks at the various contemporary challenges to the doctrine of justification in the third of four talks at Word Alive 2010.