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Tag: John Newton

John Newton encourages a friend to draw near to Christ in the face of a relative's illness. 
John Newton's letter to a friend rejoices in the Christian's union with Jesus Christ. 
John Newton's advice to a young friend considering Christian ministry is as wise and useful today as in 1756. 
John Newton gives us some pithy and ever-relevant advice on how to pray in public. 
John Newton reflects on the reign of Christ from Revelation 19:6. 
John Newton gives advice about family worship in a letter to a friend. 
John Newton's sermon on John 1:29 displays the grace of Jesus the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. 
Tony Reinke describes how he came to study John Newton, and commends his writing – especially his letters – for us today. 
Tony Reinke tells the life story of John Newton, from sin and slavery to Christ and ministry. 
Tony Reinke describes John Newton's methods of pastoral care, and opens up his heart to serve those in his care.