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Tag: John Calvin

Calvin's In 1534, Calvin’s cousin, Pierre Robert Olivétan, translated the Bible into French from the Hebrew and Greek. Calvin wrote this letter as a preface, around a year after his conversion to evangelicalism. 
John Calvin's exposition of Galatians 2:15–16 proclaims there is 'no salvation whatsoever outside of Jesus Christ, for he is the beginning and the end of faith, and he is all in all.' 
Mike Reeves refreshes us with the life and thought of the reformer John Calvin. 
John Calvin's chapter on prayer from the Institutes of the Christian Religion. 
John Calvin's sermon on Matthew 28:1–10 examines Jesus' resurrection appearance and draws from it hope and comfort for us. 
Mike Reeves stands in for John Piper on Episode 380 of 'Ask Pastor John' from Desiring God, discussing the missionary endeavour of John Calvin. 
Mike Reeves introduces us to the Reformation theologian John Calvin. 
Mike Reeves shows how the doctrine of the Trinity was the essential soil for the development of the mainstream reformers' doctrine. 
Melvin Tinker looks at theological conviction and confidence in George Whitefield's preaching.