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Tag: Hermeneutics

Timothy Edwards challenges and enriches our Bible reading by giving us a sample of early Church exegesis. 
David Gibson constructs a doctrine of scripture drawn from the terminology of biblical theology and the Bible's own language about itself. 
Peter Mead examines the deep purpose preaching and biblical interpretation. 
Irenaeus of Lyon shows how the gospel is preached through the whole Bible. 
David Gibson asks why we should believe the Bible, what may stand in our way, and the place of faith, evidence, the gospel, and the work of the Spirit. 
Justin Martyr's discussion with a Jewish man, Trypho, gives a unique window into the early Church's relationship with Judaism as well as their robustly Christ-centred reading of the Hebrew Scriptures. 
David J. A. Clines' famous satirical article brilliantly critiques the Documentary Hypothesis of the Pentateuch by applying its assumptions to the Winne the Pooh books. 
Daniel Hames reminds us that the great theologians of the early church were first and foremost pastors who opened the Bible week-by-week to preach Christ to their flocks. 
Sinclair Ferguson gives preachers plenty to think about when 'preaching Christ'.