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Tag: Evangelicalism

Dan Hames quizzes Mike Reeves about 'Why the Reformation Still Matters', his book co-authored with Tim Chester. 
Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. sets out a vision for biblical preaching at the heart of the Church's worship. 
Ian Shaw considers why the Reformers are not known for their missionary activity, and asks how their approach can shape our ministry today. 
Michael Reeves explores what it means to be evangelical, considering the proposals from Bebbington, Packer, and Stott. 
Steffen Jenkins considers a distinctively evangelical approach to training for ministry and theological study.  
Peter Sanlon considers what makes evangelical doctrine distinctive. 
Cor Bennema looks at the evangelical approach to academic biblical studies. 
Andrew Keuer examines how evangelicals approach the discipline of ethics. 
Justin Schell considers mission and missiology from an evangelical perspective. 
Michael Reeves, speaking at 2019's European Leadership Forum, makes the case for holding on to our evangelicalism.