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Tag: Discipleship

Gloria Furman shows how every story of coming to Christ is miraculous and wonderful, whatever the details. 
Peter Mead explores the importance of maintaing our love for Jesus and avoiding relational drift. How can we guard against growing cold? 
Kyle Strobel speaks about the subject of his book, 'Beloved Dust'; knowing ourselves before God in prayer. 
Gloria Furman speaks about helping your children to know the Lord while staying close to him yourself. 
Dan Hames asks Gloria Furman why it's important – and if it's possible – to keep Christ at the centre of family life. 
Gloria Furman gives us practical help in enjoying Jesus daily while we are pressed for time, bored, and busy. 
In this taster of his book, 'Fearless Faith, Jonathan Stephen looks into the solution to our fears using Matthew 8. 
Emma Scrivener shares some of her experiences with an eating disorder, its effects on her, and the power of vulnerability. 
Richard Sibbes explores Paul's conflict – longing to be with Jesus, and yet needing to be present with his people.  
Tony Reinke outlines what he believes to be the heart of John Newton's pastoral care, theology, and letter writing.