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Tag: Discipleship

Terry Virgo shows how the gospel of God's grace liberates us from legalism and transforms us into saints. 
John Hindley speaks honestly about failure in ministry and the Christian life, and shows how turning to Christ is the only way to avoid both pride and despair. 
Martin Luther's short but brilliant explanation of the two kinds of righteousness: the alien righteousness of Christ which is ours by grace, and the secondary righteousness of our good works flowing from our new status.  
Dan Hames asks Peter Mead what difference the doctrine of the incarnation actually makes for us day to day. 
Dan Hames and Glen Scrivener speak about Halloween's origins and meaning; its dangers and its opportunities. 
Dan Hames asks Dane Ortlund whether reading the Bible can really help Christians grow spiritually. 
We asked Dane Ortlund how to guard against our quiet times becoming and empty habit or meaningless ritual. 
Dane Ortlund helps us set our expectations for our daily devotions. Should we be looking for verses to jump off the page? A 'still small voice' in our minds? 
Dane Ortlund speaks about the way the Bible has impacted his life – as an unchanging, rock-solid word from heaven. 
Dane Ortlund gives five pieces of practical advice for anyone who's struggling to read their Bible regularly.