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Tag: Discipleship

Thomas Chalmers does heart surgery on us as he deals with our affections and deep desires, drawing us to love the Lord. 
Mike Reeves delivers the 2013 Finlayson Lecture for the Scottish Evangelical Theology Society. The Trinity is the secret to a joyful Christian life. 
Ron Frost introduces us to the 'heavenly' Richard Sibbes – a Puritan pastor whose work, 'The Bruised Reed', is a must-read for all. 
Very Poythress constructs a fascinating Christian theology of mathematics. Not for the fainthearted! 
Vern Poythress argues that we can understand physics best in light of the biblical view of order in the creation. 
Martin Luther's 1520 explanation of the place of good works in the Christian life. 
Melvin Tinker explores the doctrine of providence, engaging along the way with Open Theism, the doctrine of the Trinity, and the idea of 'risk'.