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Tag: Discipleship

In writing an introduction to Athanasius' 'On the Incarnation, C. S. Lewis also penned a modern classic on the value of reading old books. 
John Bradford leads us meditatively through the day, with prayers and reflections. You will never think about life the same way again! 
Thomas Chalmers does heart surgery on us as he deals with our affections and deep desires, drawing us to love the Lord. 
Mark Dever writes that all Christians are called to speak about Christ – not only the 'professionals'. 
Andrew Goddard considers the subject of politics theologically, biblically, and Christocentrically. 
Dan Hames explores how the gospel of Jesus is proclaimed by the passing of night and day, helping us to think biblically about everything. 
Dominic Smart examines the different types of doubt we might face, and how to think about them all rightly. 
Martin Luther's utterly brilliant exposition of the first commandment from his Large Catechism. 
Martin Ayers gives advice, food for thought, and suggested further reading for helping those struggling with doubt. 
Peter Mead looks at how our understanding of salvation should shape our Bible reading in the last of two talks.