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Tag: Conversion

Henry Scougal famously writes on Christianity as living the divine life – rather than as a system of belief or rules for behaviour. 
John Bunyan explains the nature of saving faith in Jesus in this short extract from 'A Holy Life'. 
Gloria Furman shows how every story of coming to Christ is miraculous and wonderful, whatever the details. 
Augustine's spiritual autobiography is a moving and prayerful look at love, sin, desire, and a journey to faith in Jesus. It is a must read! 
Tony Reinke tells the life story of John Newton, from sin and slavery to Christ and ministry. 
Glen Scrivener asks what is meant by repentance in the Bible and how it affects the way we preach the gospel. 
Michael Reeves explores what it means to be evangelical, considering the proposals from Bebbington, Packer, and Stott. 
Mike Reeves tells the story of George Whitefield who discovered that transformation happens from the inside out. 
Steffen Jenkins considers the nature of conversion from Esther 5. 
Sarah Allen introduces us to the life and ministry of Bristol writer and abolitionist, Hannah More.