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Tag: Church Leader

Glen Scrivener offers a theology of preaching: Christ must be proclaimed biblically. 
Mark Dever writes that all Christians are called to speak about Christ – not only the 'professionals'. 
Martin Ayers gives advice, food for thought, and suggested further reading for helping those struggling with doubt. 
Richard Sibbes' masterpiece on Christ's care for weak Christians is a must-read. Not recommended for reading on screen, though! 
Bob Letham shows how studying theology and the Bible are an inescapable part of being a Christian, necessary for leaders, and vital for the whole church. 
Ron Frost introduces us to the 'heavenly' Richard Sibbes – a Puritan pastor whose work, 'The Bruised Reed', is a must-read for all. 
Phil Hill helps us to think through the crucial elements of Christian ministry: leadership, pastoral care, and public worship. 
Simon Ponsonby introduces us to the Apostle Paul, considering his new name, his duty, his call, and his purpose. 
Melvin Tinker offers some food for thought over the doctrine of creation as it relates to living as Christians. 
This 1563 work was designed to teach the faith through questions and answers which soaked the people in scripture.