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Tag: C. H. Spurgeon

Mike Reeves' introduction to a collection of Spurgeon's sermons on the person and work of Jesus Christ. 
C. H. Spurgeon's last sermon at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, 'The Statute of David for the Sharing of the Spoil'. Preached on June 7th, 1891, it is a moving call to trust in Jesus. 
C. H. Spurgeon's encouragement to read the Bible for comfort, nourishment, guidance, and 'a thousand helps'. 
C. H. Spurgeon's sermon on Hosea 11:4 and union with Christ.  
C. H. Spurgeon addresses the depression, weakness, and 'soul-trouble' that ministers may face in this lecture to his students. 
C. H. Spurgeon's 1891 sermon on Matthew 21:9 delves into Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, encouraging us to welcome Christ for ourselves.  
Michael Reeves introduces us to C. H. Spurgeon's approach to living as a Christian. 
C. H. Spurgeon's short meditation on Hebrews 12:2 is perhaps one of the best things he ever wrote. He considers feelings, faith, repentance, joy, and hope – and urges us to trust in Christ alone. 
C. H. Spurgeon gives pastoral advice for those who worry about the Bible's teaching surrounding predestination and election. Taken from his 'Morning and Evening' devotional. 
Michael Reeves introduces us to Charles Spurgeon, the Prince of Preachers.