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Tag: Augustine

Mike Reeves introduces us to Augustine, perhaps the most influential Christian outside the Bible! 
Greg Koukl is our guide to Augustine's approach to the problem of evil; a credible, satisfying, and hoped-filled solution to one of our biggest questions. 
Peter Sanlon draws on Augustine to look at how the Bible is a life-changing word from God. From Delighted by God 2011. 
Mike Reeves introduces us to the life and influence of the titanic early Church theologian, Augustine of Hippo. 
Mike Reeves introduces us to Augustine, the theologian of love. 
Augustine's spiritual autobiography is a moving and prayerful look at love, sin, desire, and a journey to faith in Jesus. It is a must read! 
Michael Reeves examines four key scenes in the glorious story of Christ’s work in his church.