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Tag: Athanasius

Athanasius' brilliant yet accessible work on the incarnation of Jesus. Not recommended for reading on screen! 
In writing an introduction to Athanasius' 'On the Incarnation, C. S. Lewis also penned a modern classic on the value of reading old books. 
Mike Reeves introduces us to Athanasius, the great early Church defender of the faith. 
Mike Reeves refreshes us with the life and thought of the Egyptian father Athanasius. 
Though unlikely to have been written by Athanasius, this statement of faith bears the hallmarks of his strong Trinitarian theology and focus on the Person of Christ. 
Mike Reeves introduces us to the great Early Church theologian, Athanasius. 
Glen Scrivener walks us through how Irenaeus and Athanasius saw creation and salvation as intimately related purposes of God. 
Donald Fairbairn surveys the New Testament's teaching about the identity of Jesus and guides us through the key discussions of the early post-apostolic Church on Jesus' divinity and humanity. 
Michael Reeves examines four key scenes in the glorious story of Christ’s work in his church. 
Glen Scrivener shows us the danger of thinking about God without beginning with Jesus.