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Tag: Apologetics

Marcus Honeysett asks what it means to believe in Jesus in a world which has given up on truth. 
Peter Williams asks whether the biblical canon and Christian theology were invented long after Jesus' life in this apologetic talk. 
Ellis Potter compares and contrasts Eastern thought with Western thought. 
Ellis Potter lectures on a Christian view of Eastern religions. 
Jay Smith compares Islam and Christianity, and asks which announces a true message of peace. 
Mike Reeves explores the issue of religious pluralism by comparing Islam's Allah with the Christian Triune God. 
Alistair Donald addresses the frequently asked question of faith and science. 
Clinton Arnold examines the discovery in 2006 of the Gospel of Judas, and asks whether Christians should be shocked or unsettled. 
Graham Cole asks whether Christianity can be described as a worldview, arguing that it is primarily news about a person and his significance to the world.