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Christian Life

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Mike Reeves delves into Jonathan Edwards for insight about what it means that God is holy and that we are called to holiness. 
Dan Hames speaks with Dave Griffith-Jones about escapism, Netflix binges, seeing the dentist, FOMO, how to read the Psalms, and the gospel's answer to our fear. 
Union Ministry Report 2017 
Sarah Bennington invites us to enjoy the generosity of God in creation and salvation – and to consider the implications for our own lives. 
Martin Luther teaches us to pray using the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Apostles' Creed. 
Steffen Jenkins looks at the transformation in understanding the Bible that the Reformation brought. 
Robert Letham gives an overview of Calvin's teaching on love. 
Ray Ortlund, Michael Reeves, Dane Ortlund, and David Filson answer questions at Immanuel Nashville's Reformation 500 celebration. 
Dane Ortlund introduces us to the great New England theologian, Jonathan Edwards. 
Matt Jenson looks at the ways we get into trouble when we think too much about faith rather than faith's proper object – Jesus Christ.