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Living as a Christian and putting our faith into practice.

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Christian Life

Resourcing you in your walk with Christ.


Equipping pastors, preachers, and leaders.


Why and how to share Jesus with others.

World Religions

Engaging with the world’s beliefs and practices.


Thinking Christianly about right and wrong.

Featured Resources

Sinclair Ferguson walks us through the doctrine of sanctification from the Reformed perspective, asking what sanctification is and how it happens. 
Jeremy Walker picks out nine qualities to nurture as we speak about Christ to friends and family who don't yet believe. 
Phil Hill helps us to think through the crucial elements of Christian ministry: leadership, pastoral care, and public worship. 
Ellis Potter introduces us to Buddhism through his past experience as a Buddhist monk, and contrasts it with his faith in the triune God of the Bible. 
Alistair Donald addresses the frequently asked question of faith and science. 
Glen Scrivener shows how the Bible's picture of intimacy with God is deeper and better than we could ever imagine. 
Martin Ayers gives advice, food for thought, and suggested further reading for helping those struggling with doubt. 
John Hindley helps us to see the reality, depth and source of our sin problem – and its glorious solution in the gospel of Jesus.