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Reflect on Christianity in the last centuries.

Sarah Allen introduces us to the life and ministry of Bristol writer and abolitionist, Hannah More. 
Mike Reeves delves into Jonathan Edwards for insight about what it means that God is holy and that we are called to holiness. 
Dan Hames writes about the theological, historical, and biblical reasons he has changed his mind about the death of Jesus. 
Dane Ortlund preaches Jonathan Edwards' sermon on 1 John 4:16: God is love. 
Dane Ortlund introduces us to the great New England theologian, Jonathan Edwards. 
Mike Reeves considers the recent efforts towards unity between Roman Catholics and evangelicals, and asks whether we truly agree on the doctrine of justification. 
Melvin Tinker looks at theological conviction and confidence in George Whitefield's preaching. 
C. H. Spurgeon's 1891 sermon on Matthew 21:9 delves into Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, encouraging us to welcome Christ for ourselves.  
Dan Hames asks Tony Reinke how John Newton might encourage and challenge us, centuries after his death. 
Tony Reinke outlines what he believes to be the heart of John Newton's pastoral care, theology, and letter writing.