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Early Church

Walk with the Church from Acts through its first centuries

Dan Hames writes about the theological, historical, and biblical reasons he has changed his mind about the death of Jesus. 
Melito of Sardis writes on the death of Jesus in the form of a Passover haggadah (retelling).  
Glen Scrivener shows us the danger of thinking about God without beginning with Jesus. 
Glen Scrivener walks us through how Irenaeus and Athanasius saw creation and salvation as intimately related purposes of God. 
Gregory of Nyssa gives a brief exhortation on the Christian faith in the face of idolatry and heresy. 
Irenaeus of Lyon shows how the gospel is preached through the whole Bible. 
Gregory of Nyssa writes against the Macedonians, who denied the divinity of the Holy Spirit. 
Gregory of Nyssa shows how the doctrine of the Trinity does not mean that Christians worship three gods. 
Though unlikely to have been written by Athanasius, this statement of faith bears the hallmarks of his strong Trinitarian theology and focus on the Person of Christ. 
Gregory of Nyssa writes on the unity of the Trinity and examines the divinity of the Holy Spirit.