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Church history and writings from historical authors.

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Why it’s worth making friends out of dead guys. 

Early Church

Walk with the Church from Acts through its first centuries


Journey with monks, mystics, and metaphysics.


Rediscover the gospel with Luther, Calvin and friends.


Reflect on Christianity in the last centuries.

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Swiss reformer Huldrych Zwingli's famous sermon outlines the power and authority of the Bible. Online exclusively at Union! 
Geoff Thomas introduces us to the life and work of the Puritan John Bunyan; his conversion, writing, imprisonment, and lasting impact.  
Mike Reeves introduces us to the life and influence of the titanic early Church theologian, Augustine of Hippo. 
Joel Beeke gives us expert advice on reading and enjoying the Puritans with some personal recommendations and  
Timothy Edwards challenges and enriches our Bible reading by giving us a sample of early Church exegesis. 
Martin Luther's utterly brilliant exposition of the first commandment from his Large Catechism.