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Sin and Evil

Understanding how human sin affects us and the world.

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John Hindley speaks honestly about failure in ministry and the Christian life, and shows how turning to Christ is the only way to avoid both pride and despair. 
Glen Scrivener explores the world and our reality in this short evangelistic video. 
Glen Scrivener asks whether we will be one with Jesus in this short evangelistic video. 
Emma Scrivener explores how a local church can be a healing and healthy place for those who struggle – which is everybody present. 
Hans Madueme explores the fall of humanity and the doctrine of original sin – challenging our underlying assumptions about reality. 
Thomas Brooks shows how our sin cannot bar us from Christ's love and salvation. 
Emma Scrivener shares some of her experiences with an eating disorder, its effects on her, and the power of vulnerability. 
Greg Koukl is our guide to Augustine's approach to the problem of evil; a credible, satisfying, and hoped-filled solution to one of our biggest questions. 
Jonathan Edwards' 1783 sermon is a rousing exposition of 1 Corinthians 15:25–26 which speaks of Christ's reign over all evil. 
Augustine's spiritual autobiography is a moving and prayerful look at love, sin, desire, and a journey to faith in Jesus. It is a must read!