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Sin and Evil

Understanding how human sin affects us and the world.

Glen Scrivener asks whether we will be one with Jesus in this short evangelistic video. 
John Hindley speaks honestly about failure in ministry and the Christian life, and shows how turning to Christ is the only way to avoid both pride and despair. 
Dan Hames and Glen Scrivener speak about Halloween's origins and meaning; its dangers and its opportunities. 
Mike Reeves introduces us to Augustine, the theologian of love. 
Augustine's spiritual autobiography is a moving and prayerful look at love, sin, desire, and a journey to faith in Jesus. It is a must read! 
Mark Stirling looks at the nature of authority in Christian leadership and challenges us to think about how easily it can be twisted. 
Peter Mead shows how Satan wants to distort and undermine our relationship with the Holy Spirit – so that our eyes are turned away from Christ. 
Michael Spencer considers the rawness and beauty of the gospel, considering the weakness of our sinful flesh and the grace of God in Christ. 
Tony Lane advises us not to shy away from the doctrine of God's wrath, but to embrace it as an expression of God's holy love. 
Paul Blackham thinks about God's sovereignty by asking why good things happen to bad people – and arrives irresistibly at the cross.