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Sin and Evil

Understanding how human sin affects us and the world.

Dan Hames speaks with Dave Griffith-Jones about escapism, Netflix binges, seeing the dentist, FOMO, how to read the Psalms, and the gospel's answer to our fear. 
Michael Reeves preaches Luther's early sermon on Luke 18 which gets to the heart of his gospel discovery. 
Dai Hankey considers David's repentance in Psalm 51, and shows that humility before the Lord leads to rejoicing. 
Emma Scrivener explores how a local church can be a healing and healthy place for those who struggle – which is everybody present. 
In this excerpt from 'Suffering and Singing', John Hindley introduces us to the story and songs of the sons of Korah. 
What can I do if I have used my power for my own ends? What can I do if I have power but have failed to take responsibility and use it properly? Mark Stirling gives some practical pointers. 
We're often warned about money, sex, and power – they're dangerous and addictive. But is power something Christian leaders should avoid? 
Emma Scrivener shares some of her experiences with an eating disorder, its effects on her, and the power of vulnerability. 
Terry Virgo shows how the gospel of God's grace liberates us from legalism and transforms us into saints. 
Hans Madueme explores the fall of humanity and the doctrine of original sin – challenging our underlying assumptions about reality.