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Meeting the Living God in his word, the Bible.

Steffen Jenkins looks at the transformation in understanding the Bible that the Reformation brought. 
Mike Reeves looks at the inner workings of the preacher's heart, helping us avoid the trap of technically correct preaching that misses divine revelation for the preacher. 
Dan Hames quizzes Mike Reeves about 'Why the Reformation Still Matters', his book co-authored with Tim Chester. 
Michael Reeves talks to John Piper for an hour about his new book on the self-evidencing nature of Scripture, and raising possible objections to his argument. 
Martin Luther speaks about the power of the word of God and the riches of the Bible in part of his commentary on Galatians. 
Stephen Nichols looks at the significance of the power of the Word of God in Josiah's reforms in 2 Kings 22, stopping to look at the Reformation, the evangelical revival, and more. 
Stephen R. C. Nichols shows how, for Jonathan Edwards, the whole Bible exists to showcase the gospel of Christ. 
Peter Williams discusses the objections of many people to the Old Testament regarding violence and slavery, and shows how many classic criticisms are problematic. 
Peter Mead examines the deep purpose preaching and biblical interpretation. 
Tim Ward gives us a doctrine of scripture that is biblical, theological, and doctrinal.