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Contemplating the most beautiful life ever lived.

Dan Hames writes about the theological, historical, and biblical reasons he has changed his mind about the death of Jesus. 
Dane Ortlund introduces us to the great New England theologian, Jonathan Edwards. 
Ray Ortlund, Michael Reeves, Dane Ortlund, and David Filson answer questions at Immanuel Nashville's Reformation 500 celebration. 
Michael Reeves preaches Luther's early sermon on Luke 18 which gets to the heart of his gospel discovery. 
Michael Reeves unpacks Luther's gospel discovery and shows how it changes lives even today. 
Matt Jenson looks at the ways we get into trouble when we think too much about faith rather than faith's proper object – Jesus Christ. 
Michael Reeves preaches from Hebrews 13 at Union School of Theology's end of year thanksgiving and commissioning service. 
Glen Scrivener consider mission, motivation, and the glory of God. 
Melito of Sardis writes on the death of Jesus in the form of a Passover haggadah (retelling).  
Colin Nicholl, author of 'The Great Christ Comet', assesses the popular 'Star of Bethlehem' DVD in the light of scripture, astronomy, and history.