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Helping you get started thinking about theology and why we do it.

B. B. Warfield teaches that Christian ministers must be both 'learned and religious' and explores the way in which students ought to approach their education, worship, and prayer. 
Natalie Brand warns us away from laziness, discouragement, and wimpiness and recommends delving deep into gospel truth – whether you're a woman or a man. 
Martin Luther gives his top tips on studying theology in this excerpt from his Works, vol. 4. 
Bob Letham shows how studying theology and the Bible are an inescapable part of being a Christian, necessary for leaders, and vital for the whole church. 
Though unlikely to have been written by Athanasius, this statement of faith bears the hallmarks of his strong Trinitarian theology and focus on the Person of Christ. 
This 1563 work was designed to teach the faith through questions and answers which soaked the people in scripture. 
Mike Reeves encourages us to get into theology for ourselves tooled up with the Bible and the Holy Spirit's help. 
Mike Reeves writes about approaching theological study. 
Graham Cole asks whether Christianity can be described as a worldview, arguing that it is primarily news about a person and his significance to the world. 
This statement of faith, first mentioned in 390 by Ambrose, is a summary of the gospel from the early Church, though unlikely to have originated with any of the Apostles.