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Creation and New Creation

Exploring the world and anticipating its future glory.

Colin Nicholl, author of 'The Great Christ Comet', assesses the popular 'Star of Bethlehem' DVD in the light of scripture, astronomy, and history.  
In this bumper edition of the podcast, Dan Hames speaks to Colin Nicholl about his extraordinary research into the Star of Bethlehem. 
Colin Nicholl explores the Bethlehem Star in this taster of his book 'The Great Christ Comet'. 
Simon Ponsonby explores the hope of the resurrection from 1 Corinthians 15. 
Sinclair Ferguson walks us through the doctrine of sanctification from the Reformed perspective, asking what sanctification is and how it happens. 
Glen Scrivener walks us through how Irenaeus and Athanasius saw creation and salvation as intimately related purposes of God. 
William M. Schweitzer guides us through key elements of Jonathan Edwards' theology and shows how the the idea of divine harmony characterises his work at all times. 
Steve DeWitt invites us to enjoy the beauty of God in the Trinity, in his works, and especially in Christ's person and work. 
John Newton reflects on the reign of Christ from Revelation 19:6. 
Thomas Brooks' 1648 sermon on the last day cheers the spirit and sets our eyes on Christ's coming.