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Building Communities that Care

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The church is a Christ-centred community called to love and encourage people but sometimes it’s hard to know what that looks like in practice. In these sessions from our UST Ministry Summer School 2020, Helen Thorne helps us dig into the biblical call to spur one another on in all the circumstances of life; investigate the role that Christian community plays in the process of personal change; tease out the kind of structures that might be useful in a local church to ensure that people are cared for well and look at the wonderful way in which biblical counselling can help us reach out to those who currently have no real hope in this life or the next. The final session is dedicated to focusing on the specific opportunities churches have to support survivors of domestic abuse.

Handouts can be found at the bottom of this page. Each session follows on from the previous one, so you may find it helpful to start with the first session.




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Helen Thorne

Helen Thorne is a freelance speaker and counsellor, and a trustee of Biblical Counselling UK. She is the author of several books, including Walking with Domestic Abuse Sufferers, Purity is Possible and Real Change and attends Dundonald Church, Wimbledon where she is involved in international work and pastoral care.

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