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Systematic theology and Christian beliefs on different topics.

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Helping you get started thinking about theology and why we do it.


Enjoying the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Meeting the Living God in his word, the Bible.

Sin and Evil

Understanding how human sin affects us and the world.


Contemplating the most beautiful life ever lived.


Seeing how Jesus saves and transforms our lives.

The Holy Spirit and the Christian Life

Getting to know the Holy Spirit and his work in us.


Living the life of God together.

Creation and New Creation

Exploring the world and anticipating its future glory.

Featured Resources

Donald Fairbairn surveys the New Testament's teaching about the identity of Jesus and guides us through the key discussions of the early post-apostolic Church on Jesus' divinity and humanity. 
Bob Letham shows how studying theology and the Bible are an inescapable part of being a Christian, necessary for leaders, and vital for the whole church. 
Mike Reeves asks how believing in Father, Son, and Spirit makes the gospel what it is. 
Hans Madueme explores the fall of humanity and the doctrine of original sin – challenging our underlying assumptions about reality. 
Dan Cruver takes us through the biblical story of adoption – the purpose of redemption, and the goal of the gospel. 
Dane Ortlund channels Jonathan Edwards to prove to us that being sanctified isn't joyless duty but beautiful transformation.