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Worship in the Local Church

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In these sessions from our UST Ministry Summer School 2020, Nathan Fellingham and Simon Brading look at the importance of music as an act of worship and its place in the life of the church. They also consider the importance of good theology in songwriting as well as more practical aspects of leading music including choosing songs, hymns and instrumentation. 

Each session follows on from the previous one, so you may find it helpful to start with the first session.




Nathan Fellingham

Nathan Fellingham is a highly experienced musician, founding the UK band Phatfish and working with worship leaders including Stuart Townend and Matt Redman. He is known for his songs 'Lift Up His Name (Holy Holy) and 'There is a Day'.

Simon Brading

Simon Brading is an experienced musician, songwriter and leader. He’s written a number of songs, oversees worship at the annual conference Newday, and is worship pastor at Emmanuel Brighton.

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