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UP: The Union Podcast, volume 2

Here you can listen to the latest editions of UP as we chat with various theologians and authors. Each edition is just a few minutes long, so it's an ideal companion for washing the dishes, walking the dog, or your daily commute.

See also volume 1 (episodes 1–50).

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Dan Hames quizzes Mike Reeves about 'Why the Reformation Still Matters', his book co-authored with Tim Chester. 
Dan Hames chats with Gerrit Scott Dawson about the ascension – what it is, why it matters, and how it changes everything about your life today. 
In this bumper edition of the podcast, Dan Hames speaks to Colin Nicholl about his extraordinary research into the Star of Bethlehem. 
Emma Scrivener chats to Dan Hames about her book, 'A New Day', considering mental health, the Church, and the gospel. 
Dan Hames speaks with Dave Griffith-Jones about escapism, Netflix binges, seeing the dentist, FOMO, how to read the Psalms, and the gospel's answer to our fear.