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New Testament

Investigate the life of Jesus and the Apostles’ teaching.

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Cor Bennema guides us through Mark and John's accounts of Jesus' life – a great introduction to reading the Gospels. 
Peter Williams asks whether the Gospels are reliable based on their dating, the external evidence, their contents, the geography, and compares them with other 'gospels'. 
David Wenham explores the common idea that Paul distorted the teaching of Jesus, essentially founding his own new 'religion'. 
Simon Gathercole examines the Jesus of the Gospels in comparison with the Jesus of the apocryphal 'gospels'. 
Andrew Wilson asks how Jesus understood the trustworthiness of the Bible in this extract from his book, 'Unbreakable'. 
Michael Reeves asks whether James 2 teaches against Paul and the Reformers that we are not justified by faith alone. 
Darrell Bock explains the work and impact of the 'Jesus Seminar' – an academic group which attempted to discover the 'historical Jesus' outside of the biblical canon. 
Peter Williams looks at the evidence for Jesus' resurrection, highlighting aspects that should be better known. 
In this taster of his book, 'Fearless Faith, Jonathan Stephen looks into the solution to our fears using Matthew 8. 
David Gibson asks why we should believe the Bible, what may stand in our way, and the place of faith, evidence, the gospel, and the work of the Spirit.