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New Testament

Investigate the life of Jesus and the Apostles’ teaching.

Andrew Wilson shows how Jesus is the heart and focus of the whole Bible – Old Testament and New. 
Dan Hames asks Graham Tomlin about Luther's famous distinction between 'law' and 'gospel', and they touch on the New Perspective's reading of Luther. 
David Wenham explores the common idea that Paul distorted the teaching of Jesus, essentially founding his own new 'religion'. 
Michael Reeves asks whether James 2 teaches against Paul and the Reformers that we are not justified by faith alone. 
Dan Hames asks why Isaiah 9:6 refers to Jesus as 'Everlasting Father' and whether that contradicts the doctrine of the Trinity. 
Nathan Pitchford looks at the reformers' reading of scripture and finds it is a serious challenge to contemporary evangelical interpretation.