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New Testament

Investigate the life of Jesus and the Apostles’ teaching.

Cor Bennema guides us through Mark and John's accounts of Jesus' life – a great introduction to reading the Gospels. 
Martin Luther teaches us what to look for and expect in the Gospels in this short piece from vol. 35 of his Works. 
Tom Holland draws out the Old Testament theme of God's marriage to his people in the book of Romans. 
Glen Scrivener looks at 2 Corinthians 4 for insight into Paul's theology of mission and evangelism. 
John Calvin's sermon on Matthew 28:1–10 examines Jesus' resurrection appearance and draws from it hope and comfort for us. 
John Newton reflects on the reign of Christ from Revelation 19:6. 
Calvin's In 1534, Calvin’s cousin, Pierre Robert Olivétan, translated the Bible into French from the Hebrew and Greek. Calvin wrote this letter as a preface, around a year after his conversion to evangelicalism. 
Darrell Bock explains the work and impact of the 'Jesus Seminar' – an academic group which attempted to discover the 'historical Jesus' outside of the biblical canon.