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Biblical Theology

See the Bible as a single story.

Mike Reeves delves into Jonathan Edwards for insight about what it means that God is holy and that we are called to holiness. 
Dan Hames writes about the theological, historical, and biblical reasons he has changed his mind about the death of Jesus. 
Steffen Jenkins looks at the transformation in understanding the Bible that the Reformation brought. 
David J. A. Clines' famous satirical article brilliantly critiques the Documentary Hypothesis of the Pentateuch by applying its assumptions to the Winne the Pooh books. 
David Murray gives his advice on how to see more of Jesus and his salvation in the pages of the Old Testament. 
David Murray explores the ways the Old Testament saints knew and trusted in Jesus as he 'tried on the clothes of his incarnation' before time. 
Stephen R. C. Nichols shows how, for Jonathan Edwards, the whole Bible exists to showcase the gospel of Christ. 
Thomas Goodwin compares Christ and Moses, the Gospel and the Law. 
Mike Reeves pieces together a doctrine of scripture in the second of three talks. 
Irenaeus of Lyon shows how the gospel is preached through the whole Bible.