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Author: Martin Luther

Martin Luther's 1520 treatise showcases his mature theology of justification in an exceptionally moving gospel presentation. 
Martin Luther's 1518 theology of the cross was vital step in his theological growth – and a brilliant look at how God is made known through the cross of Christ. 
Martin Luther's utterly brilliant exposition of the first commandment from his Large Catechism. 
Luther's oft-ignored but influential disputation against medieval scholastic theology. 
Martin Luther gives his top tips on studying theology in this excerpt from his Works, vol. 4. 
Martin Luther's autobiographical fragment from 1545 outlines the theological breakthrough which led to his gospel rediscovery and the Reformation. 
Martin Luther teaches us what to look for and expect in the Gospels in this short piece from vol. 35 of his Works. 
Martin Luther's 1520 explanation of the place of good works in the Christian life. 
Martin Luther's important 1520 treatise about authority in the Church. 
Luther's important 1520 treatise on the Sacraments.