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Author: Kyle Strobel

Kyle Strobel introduces us to a neglected doctrine: the beatific vision. Interacting with Turretin, Owen, and Edwards amongst others, he shows how our sight of God now by faith will be fulfilled in eternity. 
Dan Hames asks Kyle Strobel how Christians should relate to the OT language and concept of 'the presence of God' today. 
Kyle Strobel delves into the biblical language of 'seeing God', considering what it means to 'see' God now by faith, and to see him face-to-face in the age to come. 
Kyle Strobel talks about why Jonathan Edwards said God is 'religious'. 
Kyle Strobel speaks about the subject of his book, 'Beloved Dust'; knowing ourselves before God in prayer. 
Kyle Strobel speaks about the benefits of silent prayer, resting in the intercession of the Son and the Spirit.