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'Fearless Faith'


When fear takes hold we can feel powerless and insipid. Life’s spiritual battles become too much and the devil seems to be winning. It does not have to be like this though! We can, and do, have victory in Christ. Faith in the all-powerful One means that we are strong in him, even when we feel weak. 

This is the subject of Jonathan Stephen's Fearless Faith – the third title in Union's series of short, friendly theologial books with 10ofThose, joining Mike Reeves' Enjoy Your Prayer Life, and Andrew Wilson's Unbreakable. It's out now and available to buy online.

Jonathan Stephen, Union’s Director of Ministry and Principal of WEST, writes with clarity and compassion to help us understand how the battle against the enemy can truly be won. He uses one of the best-known and most dramatic incidents in the Gospels: the stilling of the storm. As he draws our attention to what Jesus is teaching through this ‘faith-training exercise’ we join the disciples in discovering that when we are buffeted and frightened by the storms of life we can not only endure, but overcome. 

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